Sponsored Posts

What is a Sponsored Post

A Sponsored Post is a contribution on simply.psoriasis.com, which is paid by an advertising customer. This is also clearly identified as Sponsored Post.

Every sponsored post is checked for accuracy by Simply Psoriasis and is only published if it offers added value for the reader. Press releases or pure advertising texts will not appear in this form.


Why are sponsored posts being published

Simply Psoriasis, like any other company, has to bear a multitude of expenses. Although we are not completely financed by advertising, part of our income comes from this source. Our sole purpose is to provide you and other users with the best possible reading experience and many other benefits.

The benefits for advertisers

simply-psoriasis.com is a unique medium for people with psoriasis. Every day we reach a large number of affected people, their relatives and other interested parties. Each contribution flows – marked as sponsored post – into our news stream. Due to the person-centered focus, we offer a high acceptance among readers and reaches the desired target group in a unique depth. Sponsored Posts are also very limited. Examples of these are:

  • Product tests
  • Special offers
  • Interviews
  • Introduction of new drugs and care products

Thus you can gain the attention of your target group by means of a sponsored post or, for example, establish your brand and generate leads. We would be happy to advise you on how you can achieve your goals as an advertiser.

Content of a Sponsored Post

Every sponsored post will be:

  • placed in the news feed of our website (incl. NoFollow link)
  • published in our social media channels (especially Facebook and Instagram)
  • integrated in our Newsletter
  • Keyword optimized

Further additional services are also available. For example, your contribution on Simply Psoriasis can be placed at the top of our homepage or published several times. You can also place paid ads on Facebook or Instagram.

What does a Sponsored Post cost and how can I place it

Since the price depends strongly on your ideas and goals, no final statement about the costs can be made at this point. If you are interested in a Sponsored Post, please contact us. We are happy about every inquiry.