The mission of Simply Psoriasis

We want to make life with psoriasis easier

With Simply Psoriasis we want to establish the world’s first digital platform on which all necessary information, useful products as well as service providers and therapy options for psoriasis can be found.

The diagnosis psoriasis is usually accompanied by many problems and questions:

  • Where can I find the relevant information?
  • How do I find a competent dermatologist?
  • Which therapy is suitable for me?
  • Are there alternatives to conventional medicine?
  • And so on…

What else makes us so special:

It’s always about you!

Because we believe that everyone who is affected by psoriasis or has an affected person in their immediate surroundings becomes an expert themselves. It is precisely this knowledge that we want to use and together with you we want to create the first influencers for life with psoriasis.

Simply Psoriasis wants to increase the social acceptance for psoriasis

At least 100 million people worldwide suffer from the chronic skin disease. Despite the enormous number, however, those who are affected are hardly noticeable in everyday life.

It’s like they’re not even there. With Simply Psoriasis we want to polish up the image of the disease in order to make life with the it more positive. No affected person should have to hide because of their skin! We want to give courage for daily life and tell stories of strong personalities who, despite – or perhaps because of – their psoriasis, show special willpower and stand out from the crowd with their personal story!

Share your personal story with and on!

Tell us about your experiences and share your individual expert knowledge with us. What little tricks and knacks have made your life with psoriasis easier? Which products are you enthusiastic about? What therapy have you used to get your psoriasis under control? Contact us if you would like to become part of our great team (by the way, we are always looking for authors who enjoy writing articles):

Simply Psoriasis does not want to replace a visit to the doctor!

Our information and our contributions do not replace a doctor and that is not our goal. Before you try any of our advice or tips, be sure to talk to your doctor first!

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