Our principles and guidelines

Simply Psoriasis sees itself as the central contact point for all matters concerning psoriasis. Our content is prepared with the greatest care by a team of experts and editors and supplemented by other experts. The content is selected specifically and prepared as simply as possible. Since transparency is also very important to us, we would like to show you our principles and guidelines here:


1. Quality is very important to us. It is important to us that all published content has been created and checked with the utmost care. Only information from confidential sources, which we disclose, is included in the texts. In order to ensure high quality, our team consists of various experts (such as nutritionists or scientists) and psoriasis sufferers. In some places our team is also supplemented by various experts, such as doctors, pharmacists, alternative practitioners or psychotherapists.
2. Our mission is to bring together all information, services and products necessary for psoriasis on one platform. We primarily address patients, but also relatives and professionals such as doctors. We also want to increase the image and social acceptance of the disease. Learn more about our mission here.
3. The goal of Simply Psoriasis is not to make the doctor superfluous, but to give you a specific overview and additional information. Only your doctor can provide diagnoses and treatment recommendations. We cannot assume any liability for damages and do not replace the visit to the doctor!
4. In our articles and texts we generally use the masculine form for reasons of better readability. However, it refers explicitly to persons of both sexes and to people of undefined gender.
5. We are an independent platform and offers the best possible tested content. Nevertheless, we earn a part of our money with advertising and sponsored posts to make the platform attractive and keep the service high. The advertising content is always clearly marked so that you as a reader can separate. Of course, our editorial team works 100 percent independently.
6. Data protection and transparency are top priorities. Therefore we protect your data and treat them absolutely confidential. For this reason we have appointed an external data protection officer – even though we are not legally obliged to do so. Furthermore, data is processed exclusively on servers in Germany and this homepage is hosted in Germany. It goes without saying that we meet or exceed all data protection regulations that exist in Germany.
7. For questions and for the scientific foundation we fall back on a team of experts. This team is made up of various scientists, doctors and specialists. Here you can find our scientific advisory board.