Scientific advisory board & consultants

Our scientific advisory board is composed of various professions and includes doctors, scientists and other professionals involved with psoriasis. The aim is to provide a scientific basis for our articles and contributions and to be able to call on the advisory board whenever we need expert knowledge. If you would like to know more about the individual persons, just click on the name or picture.

Dr. med. Volker SchmiedelDr. Volker Schmiedel

Holistic physician with focus on naturopathy

Dr. Paul Sator für FarbenhautDr. Paul Sator

Specialist for skin and venereal diseases and senior consultant

Dr. med Rainer Didier bei FarbenhautDr. Rainer Didier

Specialist for general medicine with focus on individual holistic medicine

Dr. rer. nat. Rass bei FarbenhautDr. Mathias Rass

Developmental biologist at the University of Regensburg

Dr. med. Sarah Schwitalla bei FarbenhautDr. Sarah Schwitalla

Scientist and founder of the Center for Integrative Bowel Health


Dr. Jens Keisinger

Holistic physician with focus on metabolic disorders and therapy with human-identical hormones

Dr. med. Peter Schönberger für FarbenhautDr. Peter Schönberger

Doctor in training as a specialist in radiology

Carolin Tietz für FarbenhautCarolin Tietz

alternative practitioner in own practice

Michael Neumann für FarbenhautMichael Neumann

Freelance nutritionist, Bachelor of Arts nutritional counselling